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Power Washing

Why clean your concrete work (driveway, sidewalk, walkway)?


It’s super affordable and a mistake that could potentially cost you a fortune for years to come! Most people never truly think about it, but leaving black mould, mildew and green algae has a high potential of being a safety risk and health hazard. Besides the fact these micro organisms tend to look darker and a bit thicker each time it rains and they soak up water, they also tend to become slippery. The situation is a “slip & fall” just waiting to happen on your property.


So whether it were to happen to you, a family member (young or old), a friend or even a public service worker, such as a delivery person walking up your driveway & walkway to get to your front door, it's just not something you should chance.

Always be sure when hiring a pressure washing company that you hire a pressure washing service that is licensed, insured and experienced. You don’t want to hire a painting company or a landscaping company for concrete cleaning. They may have bought the equipment to do the job but you want someone who does this all day, everyday.

For our exceptional concrete, driveway and roof cleaning service, give us a call.

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